Gardens aren't made by sitting in the shade

At the LOCAL LOCO laboratory, we enjoy getting our hands dirty, shirts sweaty, and toiling in the sun for an honest day’s work. We enjoy doing a whole range of things related to sourcing, installing, and maintaining of plants. The LOCAL LOCO is set up as a testbed for experiments with wild ideas on how to make things bigger, faster, stronger and better.

Wholesaling of Plants

We’ve built up a sizeable collection of plants, with stock that we’ve propagated and grown in our own nursery. We’ve also established a network with several fellow plant growers in the region that allows us to bring you a wide selection of the best exotic and rare greens. Hit us up if you’re looking to purchase a large quantity of plants for your own projects, or to retail.

Plant Installations

If you’re looking to spruce up your interiors or facades with green – we’re your guys. We work on a mix of installations that include living walls, greened surfaces, and landscaping proposals that use live and ornamental plants.

On-site consultations, plant rehabilitation and plant maintenance

Bothered by your plants not doing well? Can’t fathom why they’re drooping or wilting? Come meet us – or we’ll even go to you on site to see what’s going on. We can also work something out if you’ll like someone to care for your plants on a short- or long-term basis. We’ve had substantial success with our growing methods and products; we’ll figure out your plant headaches so you can rest easy.

At the LOCAL LOCO, we want to explore this collective fascination for plants together with you. We’ve always believed in sharing and learning new things via discussions, to gain new knowledge, make informed decisions and solve problems. Our hope at LOCAL LOCO is to cultivate dialogues rooted in mutual exchange - for anyone, for everyone, in the plant community. We'd love to hear from you if you think we can work together!

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