What drives us: our LOCO-motive


The LOCAL LOCO is the foremost destination for plants and all things plant related - we make collecting and maintaining plants accessible to all.

The LOCAL LOCO is a small atelier born out of an intense passion for collecting and growing the best plant exemplars. Our intention is to share our common love for plants with the rest of the community, with our curated collection of the finest exotic flora and rare plants. Whether it’s special variant of monstera, an almost impossible to find anthurium, or a one-of-a-kind philodendron, we can help you indulge in and achieve that dream plant of yours.

Why the LOCAL LOCO, you ask? Local comes from the fact that we aim to bring all the plants and plant related supplies you desire - to you, regardless of where you are around the world. While we're based out of sunny Singapore, the LOLO team also circles the globe looking for the most interesting plants, plant nurseries, plant collectors, and more, and then brings their stories and specimens right to your doorstep. Loco reflects our obsession for the constant quest to find and grow the Holy Grail of various plant species, and to infect our friends with this similar enthusiasm. Have a look, peruse our wares and services; LOLO is our collective asylum, and we hope you enjoy your stay here with us.

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